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What to Expect During the Design Process

Many people are interested in contacting us to design a new closet for them, but they hesitate because they aren’t sure what the process entails. So, here is an outline of our whole process, from start to finish!
• To get the ball rolling, one can contact us via email, phone, or through our website in order to set-up a free, in-home consultation with one of our designers. We offer weekday as well as weekend appointments and try to be as flexible as possible when scheduling.
• When we arrive at your home, we will ask to see the space(s) that you are interested in having us design and discuss your needs and wishes for each space. For example, if you are looking to design a master closet, our designer might ask how many pairs of shoes you have, whether you like to fold or hang your shirts, and how many long dresses you have. These questions allow our designers to get to know your needs as well as determine how much hanging, shelving, etc. you might need in that closet. The designer will also take exact measurements of each space you wish to have us design in order to be able to provide you with accurate design drawings and pricing. While at your home, you can look through our catalogue to choose the finish and accessories and to help get design ideas.
• Once we have gathered all of the necessary information during your consultation, we will ask for your email in order to send the design(s) to you. As you can see in the pictures below, you will receive a 2D and 3D design of each space that you asked us to design. At this point, you can then discuss any changes that you want to see with your designer in order to achieve the exact layout you want for each space.
• When the designs are finalized, we will email your contract to you for a signature. We do ask for a fifty percent deposit in order to put your order into production and schedule an installation date. Our lead time is typically three weeks from your contract date, but that can vary slightly at different times of year. In order to get ready for your installation day, we ask that you remove all of your clothes and items from the space so that our company’s installers can come right in and get to work. The amount of time the installation takes, of course, depends on the size of the space and how intricate the design is, but the average installation takes just one day. Upon completion, we will make sure that it is everything you wanted and answer any questions. The fifty percent balance is due on the day we install.
• Our installers are always courteous, on-time, and will be sure to clean up your new space before they leave your home.
If possible, we also very much appreciate your sharing your experience with us in a testimonial in order to help others imagine how we can help them with their closets and other spaces in their homes!