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Accessories That Make Life Easier

“Would you like to add a valet rod?” “Ummmm, sure…. Hold on a minute! What exactly is a valet rod???” When we are in the midst of helping a customer design their closet, we will ask them if they would like to add any of the accessories that we offer to their space. From valet…
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Accessibility Solutions for Older Adults

Our main priority when going into a customer’s home is to listen to their needs and then create a design to meet those specific needs. For our senior customers, many times, their needs don’t just involve organizing their belongings, but also accessing them. With our business being owned by two technically seniors (but don’t tell…
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Custom Storage Solutions

Designs for Living The places where families live the most usually need the most when it comes to functional storage solutions to keep thing organized. And the family room is definitely one of those high-traffic clutter-prone spaces in most homes. This custom cabinet installation in a basement family room features upper and lower storage cabinets…
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How Much Can My Closet Really Hold?

A Closet Design That Maximizes Space One of the primary things to consider when plannng a closet upgrade is whether you want to do a major new construction or simply make the most of your existing closet space. The less costly option is usually to make do with the space you have. Our design team…
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