Organize Your Space: Tips, Tricks & Trends

What to Expect During the Design Process

Many people are interested in contacting us to design a new closet for them, but they hesitate because they aren’t sure what the process entails. So, here is an outline of our whole process, from start to ...
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Finish Colors and Textures That Bring a Design Together

Choosing a finish for your closet or piece of furniture that you design with us is just as important as the design itself. The finish really ties the whole design together allowing you to make the piece ...
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Customizable Furniture for Any Room in Your Home

In addition to designing and creating fantastic closets, we also build customized furniture! Whether you need an entertainment system in your den, cabinets in your library, or a desk in your home office, we will work with ...
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Accessories That Make Life Easier

“Would you like to add a valet rod?” “Ummmm, sure…. Hold on a minute! What exactly is a valet rod???” When we are in the midst of helping a customer design their closet, we will ask them ...
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Accessibility Solutions for Older Adults

Our main priority when going into a customer’s home is to listen to their needs and then create a design to meet those specific needs. For our senior customers, many times, their needs don’t just involve organizing ...
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Custom Storage Solutions

Designs for Living The places where families live the most usually need the most when it comes to functional storage solutions to keep thing organized. And the family room is definitely one of those high-traffic clutter-prone spaces ...
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