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New Hardware & Finishes

We each have our own unique style and our home is one way that we share it through the overall design to specific pieces of furniture and artwork we choose.  When we design your closets, we want to make sure that it not only has the functional features you need, but also matches your style and fits into your home’s décor.  We now offer the new hardware finish ‘Matte Brass’ and we have added new finishes, including ‘River Rock’ and ‘Summertime Blues.’   You can see pictures of these additions below or under the ‘Materials’ tab on our website!  

Reinvent Your Space with a Custom Closet

January is a time for resolutions and new beginnings. What better way to capture that spirit than with a custom closet by Closets etc.? Working with us to design and build a dream closet, or other storage space will give you a chance to check off many “to-do” list boxes. First, a custom closet or storage space will satisfy one of the most-common New Year’s resolutions: to become more organized. A well-designed storage space not only gives you room to keep the clutter managed, it also creates a plan to make sure the items you store stay organized and easily … Continued

Is a Custom Closet Right For You?

Many first-time clients wonder about the practicality of a custom closet? Questions about cost, ultimate utility, and fear of protracted construction timelines scare many people away before they even get started. However, when working with an experienced, certified contractor like Closets etc. Many of these concerns can be put aside quickly. First, our team will work with you to fully understand your storage needs, your budget, and your expectations. This partnership ensures that your custom closet will be exactly as you want it. Secondly, our cost will be presented up front and in writing, so you know exactly what you … Continued

Out with the Wire Racks!

So many homes are outfitted with wire rack systems in their closets, pantries, and garages.  Although the systems are easy to install and give the shelving and hanging space that many seek, they also have many issues that can arise over time.  Two main issues that we hear about are that the wire can pull away from the wall and even come down, and that the wire leaves patterns on folded garments.  Many of our customers contact us to replace their wire rack systems because they are experiencing issues and because they are looking for better storage options and creative … Continued