Kids Rooms

Kids rooms present some unique challenges, primarily because the children’s needs change as they grow. Our designs accommodate the infant and toddler. teenager, all the way up to the college student. For example, we provide space for three tiers of hanging for the small child, but the space can be adjusted to two rows for the older kid. Baskets are a popular choice.  They can store toys in an easily accessible space, or they serve as clothing storage that is in clear view. Drawers and open shelving units encourage the child to tidy his or her room.

Work spaces in kids rooms can be crafted to provide more storage drawers, book shelving and work surfaces thathold a laptop and research papers for that dreaded term paper!

Very often, the reach-in closet storage in kids rooms is supplemented with a locker-style unit in the mudroom, designed to hold athletic gear and bulky coats.  For some ideas, check out this link.


Child's reach-in closet

A small reach-in closet with cubby holes for easy access.


Child reach-in closet in white melamine

An infant’s reach-in closet. The shelving system keeps everything in view and organized

Children, Office

Child’s work area with plenty of storage space

child reach-in closet

A kids closet that utilizes the entire width and depth of the space.

Children, Office

A teenager’s built-in desk and bookcase. All books and materials are within easy reach. The work space has a drawer for hanging files. Each unit is customized for the child’s needs and the space available.

Children, Wardrobe with window seat

Child’s wardrobe with a window seat. The window is framed by symmetrical units with doors and shelving. The window seat has ten drawers

Child room with closet, shelving and desk

A wall of shelving designed for a child’s room that will grow with her. Great work space in candlelight melamine