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How Much Can My Closet Really Hold?

A Closet Design That Maximizes Space

One of the primary things to consider when plannng a closet upgrade is whether you want to do a major new construction or simply make the most of your existing closet space. The less costly option is usually to make do with the space you have. Our design team created a baby’s closet that would grow with the child.

The image on the left shows how the closet looked before the redesign: a good-sized closet with a hanging rod and one shelf for storage.

The closet was crammed with 7 storage bins of clothes for the baby (the empty bins are stacked floor to ceiling in the second image after our design update). The sturdy bins were great for storing the clothes, but were not efficient day-to-day when they needed to quickly find an outfit.
Making the Most of What You Have

The ideal closet update should help clients maximize all the existing space, and an efficient design solution can do just that. Our solution for this client was simple.

First, we removed the old hanging rod and shelf, then on one side of the closet, we installed two hanging rods and shelves to create upper and lower hanging space.

We also added a radial shelving unit to two of the walls This curving, floor-to-ceiling storage shelving allowed our client to fold and organize the clothing on easy-access shelving.

This design eliminated the need for the storage bins, which took up most of the floor space. Now our clients have a small walk-in closet that can change as the baby grows; eventually providing space for toys, books, and other childhood treasures.

And that’s how the right closet design can make it so easy to “expand” and maximize, closet space.