Wire Shelving in my Closet?

Wire shelving seems to be the material of choice for many new homes and condominiums.  We see them frequently – when we are called in to rip it out and replace it with our system.  Our company stopped offering wire a few years ago,  because we want our customers to enjoy their closets for many, many years.

So, the short answer to this question is “no.” There are many reasons.  The systems commonly offered are of the one-size-fits-all category.  The shelves are generally less deep than needed for a sweater, etc.  We don’t like the fact that the wire pattern will show up on your clothes over time. Aesthetics are another reason.  Wire looks industrial and even if you have installed wire drawer units, all your clothes will show.

Perhaps the most important reason why we are being called in to replace wire is that it can collapse quite easily when overloaded.  No matter how carefully it is installed, the outward forces on the top shelf can easily pull out the fasteners.

We should mention that our units in beautiful wood grain finishes are very economical while they add to the quality (not to mention resale value) of your home.