Every room in your house is a collection of all the things that make it actually your home. Your clothes, your pictures, your favorite kitchen supplies, and even your tools all give your house a feel that only can be your own.

But we’ve all been there:

  • you’re looking for the right outfit in an overstuffed closet;
  • you’ve run out of space for the latest family photo in the living room;
  • you’re sure you had three 9-inch cake pans somewhere in your kitchen cabinets;
  • you’ve been looking for your child’s other hockey skate for the past 45 minutes and it’s time to go.

You’ve said it before, and this time you mean it: “It’s time to get this home organized.” Take the first step today. Get your free closet design consultation from Closets etc.

Closets etc.’s experienced designers and experienced installers know how to transform any space, whether it’s a reach-in bedroom closet, a walk-in wardrobe, cabinetry in your kitchen, pantry storage, or organization for other rooms in your home including home offices, basements and garages.

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Locally Owned, Locally Trusted

When you’re looking for custom closets, it’s easy to find large companies to work on organizing any room in your house. National chains and franchises are seemingly everywhere in New England: from showrooms  in Connecticut to strip malls in Rhode Island. But do you want to trust your home’s look and efficiency to a big-box store headquartered  In Anywhere, USA?

Based in Meriden, CT, and West Kingstown and Providence, RI since 1987, Closets etc. are experts in crafting custom closets, shelves, and workspaces for all the architectural styles and occasional quirks of New England home designs

Sophia Karvunis
Sophia Karvunis Co-owner Sophia has been a closet design consultant since 2007, and her professional knowledge of the value and importance of functional, well-designed storage goes even deeper than that. She has decades of experience as a real estate agent. As she says, “Any space can be improved, no matter the size or shape!” She sees how custom closets not only help the people who live in a home, but the resale price of the home when it’s time for someone else to enjoy high-quality custom storage.
Gary Spink Gary is the General Manager at Closets etc., overseeing the installation team and project management of our custom closet builds. His thorough understanding of storage and organization combines with his knowledge of materials and the process of making homes more organized and beautiful helps him give the personalized service that ensures our closets are the perfect fit for your home.
Gero Meyersiek
Gero Meyersiek Co-owner Gero translated more than 30 years of knowledge in creating and growing businesses into an efficient and high-quality system of custom storage solutions.. Closets etc.’s industry-leading design and tracking systems enable us to minimize cost and lead to significant savings for the customer. Your long-term satisfaction is the company’s singular focus.

of Design.

The design experts at Closets, etc. have decades of experience creating functional, beautiful, and efficient spaces that help you get the most out of your space. Our experts know closet design from every angle: design, installation, and business operations.

Our Work Speaks For Itself:

Closet built by Closets, etc. for an Angie's List customer that includes a shoe rack on the right and wardrobe space on the left.
Closet built by Closets, etc. for an Angie's List customer that includes a white clothing shelves and drawers on the middle of two levels of hangers on the left and one hanger bar on the right.
Closet built by Closets, etc. for an Angie's List customer that includes a white shoe rack and drawers on the left on the right and wardrobe space on the right.

“Sophia and her installers are extremely professional and competent at what they do. My experience with Closets etc was absolutely seamless. From the first appointment to the final result! I am completely satisfied with the final result! The pictures don’t do it any justice! But I posted them anyway. Fantastic job! Have already recommended closets etc to 2 other people.”

Angie’s List Customer

“They were wonderful to deal with start to finish – the owner was professional and attentive – very pleased with plans she drew up to utilize our closet space and stayed in touch while we were awaiting some demo work – the installer was also so professional – did a wonderful installation job – even greeted us by our first names when he arrived – small touches mean a lot! I definitely recommend hiring them!”

Sharon D.
Mahogany Square Raised Panel Island With Corian Top

This customer had a Corian-topped island installed in their wardrobe area, matching their mahogany shelves, drawers and cabinets.

Sunset Cascadin Drawer System Alcove

In this customer’s children’s room, we designed a hanging drawer system with the Sunset finish that fit perfectly into the roofline of the room.

Laundry Room With Lots Of Shelving And Folding Space

This customer gained storage space over and next to their compact laundry area, creating an organized space that made a dull task easier.

Don’t Go Another Day with A Disorganized Home

No matter what the room, you’ve already gone too long without having it organized in an attractive, long-lasting, and efficient closet system. With even more efficient use of space, you can show off what truly makes your home yours without getting in the way of day-to-day living. Trust the designers at Closets etc. to create a unique, beautiful, and efficient custom closet system that will let your home speak for itself.

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