It’s Finally Time to Get The Basement Organized…

If there’s a room in your home that could use better organization, it’s your basement. Even if it’s finished, your basement is often the last room in your house that get the “nice” furniture. After all, it’s not like you spend a lot of time in there. You’re only in the basement when you need something.

But then you get down to the basement. And it’s been 20 minutes because you can’t find your daughter’s street hockey pads because they’re behind the winter tools, buried under a makeshift workbench in a cheap plastic box that hasn’t closed right in years.

Year after year, you say to yourself, “I’ve got to get this basement organized.”

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The Space Organizing Experts

Basements are usually large areas that give our design experts plenty of room to design the perfect storage for your space. Closets, etc. has the experience and knowhow to make the most efficient use of your basement’s space while still making you proud of the way your basement looks.

Locally Owned, Locally Trusted

It’s easy to find large companies to work on organizing any room in your house. National chains and franchises are all over New England: in the outlets in Connecticut and in strip malls outside of Rhode Island. But do you want to trust your home’s look and efficiency to a big-box store headquartered on a whole other coast of the country?

Sophia Karvunis
Sophia Karvunis Co-owner Sophia has been a closet design consultant since 2007, and her professional knowledge of the value and importance of functional, well-designed storage goes even deeper than that. She has decades of experience as a real estate agent. As she says, “Any space can be improved, no matter the size or shape!” She sees how custom closets not only help the people who live in a home, but the resale price of the home when it’s time for someone else to enjoy high-quality custom storage.
Gary Spink Gary is the General Manager at Closets, etc., overseeing the installation team and project management of our custom closet builds. His thorough understanding of storage and organization combines with his knowledge of materials and the process of making homes more organized and beautiful helps him give the personalized service that ensures our closets are the perfect fit for your home.
Gero Meyersiek
Gero Meyersiek Gero’s work in streamlining the business operations of Closets, etc. has allowed us to be able provide the highest level of customer support to you throughout the build process. Whether it’s streamlining our processes to get you the lowest possible price, creating project tracking systems to get your closet done on budget and on time, or creating new efficiencies with innovative business practices, Gero’s work gets you the best outcome on your new closet.

of Design.

The design experts at Closets, etc. have decades of experience creating functional, beautiful, and efficient spaces that help you get the most out of your space. Our experts know closet design from every angle: design, installation, and business operations.

Our Work Speaks For Itself:

“My basement was underutilized; wasted space. Sophia designed an ideal, efficient storage solution with quality materials that was installed in less than four hours.”

Mark L
Grey Locker , Bench And Slat Wall

This client needed a simple locker, bench, and a grey slat wall to store winter clothes and accessories for when they’re coming in from working outdoors.

No Space Is Too Small For Storage

Our designers can help make even the smallest areas even more efficient! This area under the basement steps makes for a perfect place to easily find small tools

Don’t Go Another Day with Inefficient Storage in Your Basement

You’ve already gone too long with a disorganized basement. With even more efficient use of space, you can find the tools, equipment, and once-a-year items quickly and without any stress. Trust the designers at Closets, etc. to create a unique, beautiful, and efficient custom basement storage system that will make you forget how hard it was to find your things before.

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