Is there a fee for the initial design consultation?

No, both the consultation and design are free of charge. We come to your home or office, conduct an in-depth interview to determine your specific needs and take precise measurements. After that visit, our design consultant prepares and emails a detailed proposal that includes a 3-D rendering of your storage design, which includes all the dimensions.

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Are you licensed and insured?

Yes to both. Our Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor Registration number is 616208, and our Rhode Island Contractors’ Registration number is 29295. We also carry workman’s compensation insurance for your protection.



Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our storage project for the as long as you own your business or residence. The warranty is NOT transferable. We guarantee that the products that we install are free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own your home. We will repair defective parts free of charge.



What is the average cost of a project?

Because each project is a custom project, the cost will be based on the specifics of the project. The following are factors that can impact the cost of your project:

  • Project type - walk-in closet, reach-in closet, built-ins, media center, office storage, etc.

  • Scope - size, configuration, and style of your storage solution

  • Components - bookcases, built-ins, cabinets,drawers, cubbies, shelves, islands, hanging racks, etc.

  • Finish - colored melamine, wood-grain melamine, wood veneers, and solid wood

  • Details - trim, hardware, crown molding, and additional accessories like baskets, shoe racks, or hanging hooks

Which is why our in-person design consultation is so important. The information gathered during this visit is what we’ll use to create our proposal and 3-D renders of your project. Proposals will include a breakdown of your costs.



How long does an installation take?

Most installations take no more than a day. Even if your project involves multiple installations within the same residence, our installers usually only need a day to complete their work. To expedite that work, we always request that clients:

  • Clean out any belongings in the area where the unit will be installed

  • Remove existing shelving and hanging rods

  • Move furniture away from the area where the new unit will be installed

  • Complete all patching and painting prior to the installation date

  • Complete all electrical wiring and cable installation prior to the installation date, particularly if a unit will need to house A/V or media equipment.

Closets etc. will remove and dispose of a single rod and shelving system free of charge. More complex removals will be charged on an hourly basis. Please call us if you have special disposal needs, and we will gladly coordinate with your contractor.



Do you use certified green materials?

Our melamine conforms to the strictest U.S., international rules and California Air Resources Board Phase I emission standards. These regulations specify that formaldehyde emissions must be less than 0.18 parts per million.

Our particleboard is composed of 75-80% post-industrial materials, and 0-5% post-consumer materials, meaning no new trees are harvested for the production of our panels — or your closet!

Should you want to change or expand your storage solution, it’s easy! We can reconfigure your existing Closets etc. product thanks to installation techniques we use that allow us to change or add to your product.



What kind of materials/finish choices are there?

Our storage solutions are typically constructed from the following materials:

  • Colored melamine (our most popular choice)

  • Wood-grain patterned melamine

  • Wood veneers

  • Solid wood (our most expensive option)

Melamine is the preferred material of choice due it’s durability and lighter weight than wood. It’s also our greenest option because it made from over 75% of post industrial materials including recycled wood. Wood-grain patterned melamine is an economical way of getting the look of wood, without the price. Melamine is also great for kids spaces or laundry rooms due to it’s durability.

Wood veneer provides a high-end look and is a great choice for office projects, media centers, or any solution where you want to match existing cabinetry or furniture. It slightly more expensive than melamine, but looks so good, that it’s worth the added expense.

Solid wood designs provide limitless finish options that suit your wallet and your design tastes.

Also, we use only the highest quality hardware, and give you multiple options for accessories and project components that are designed to last.