Walk-in Closets

Each closet is unique as is each customer.  One reason is the space itself, another is the budget, but most importantly, it is the customer’s preferences, the size of his and/or her collection of clothes and accessories that will determine the storage solution.  Closets etc. has designed efficient and affordable storage spaces for thirty years.  We have built our reputation for superb customer service by listening to and understanding the customer and tailoring the solution individually.  Our designs come in all shapes and dimensions.  We can match existing décor and colors, find the appropriate hardware, add molding and other accents – all for a perfectly fitting and esthetically pleasing design that will last.  Since all our  designs are custom-made, you will not find filler strips and dead spaces in our closets, as you may find in many  competitors’ designs. Most of our work is executed in melamine, but some customers prefer wood or other materials.  Our shop can handle all materials.

Our closet designs may simply use hanging and shelving units in various depths, but most of the designs will also include drawers or center islands. Radial corner units are popular, as they allow the most efficient use of space. We design units that are off the floor, which is a more economical approach, or units with toe-kicks to finish off the full-length units. Glass and solid doors are popular options as well.  Through thousands of designs, we have learned which accessories make the daily ritual of getting dressed for the day easier and faster to perform, and our designers can discuss the many options available.  These may range from valet rods and tie racks to separate laundry hampers and ironing boards and, of course, the always important shoe storage.