Reach-in Closets

Popular reach-in closets can be a challenge and many standard designs are highly inefficient.  The typical shelf and rod designs can waste up to fifty per cent of the space. Double-hang designs, coupled with drawers and shelving can dramatically improve the visibility of the client’s wardrobe.  While most reach-in closets are outfitted in white, we can design stunning interiors in elegant wood grains, with accent trims and other design elements that have some of our clients leave off the doors altogether and make the closet system an integral part of the room décor. If the depth allows it, radial units can be fit into one of even both corners to squeeze the last inch of space out of the design. Just like the walk-in closet, a reach-in can be built to the floor with toe-kicks and trim for a perfect finished look. Tilt-out hampers and baskets are other options often incorporated in the reach-in closet design.