Living Room, Den, Entertainment Center

Storage in the public areas of a home frequently takes on the look and feel of custom furniture – but without the high cost. Wood-grain and textured finishes are popular for living spaces. Most designs incorporate doors, either solid or decorative glass – and help keep clutter to a minimum. Entertainment centers accommodate monitors, DVDs, gaming controllers and any other piece of hardware. The best aspect is the fact that our designs can hide unsightly connectors. Closets etc will work with audio/visual firms to include surround-sound systems. Bookcases that fit the available spaces precisely are another option. They can vary in depth and be finished with glass doors, crown molding and elaborate baseboards. Customers can also choose solid wood designs that will match existing furniture, including hardware.

Dens are special places for the busy family, but the clean-up after a busy day of playing may become stressful. Closets etc can build storage wardrobes complete with shelving, storage baskets, bins and doors that will keep toys together and neat for kids of any age. We can similarly build the appropriate storage systems for crafts and hobbies, which may include a sewing machine or yarn bins, just to give an example.

Although the flat-screen television has become commonplace, there is still “equipment” to be stored not to mention collections of DVDS and CDs that most people still have. We have designed wall units to accommodate all of the above, often flanked by bookcases and shelving for other collectibles. We have also been called upon to build clever cabinetry to house the games and toys that every family amasses. Cabinets with doors, deep drawers and lined baskets can keep your family room organized.