See the variety of designs for bedroom, living room, pantry, office, garage, or any other space.

Walk-in and Reach-in Closets

From new construction to remodeled spaces, from closets to attics, we have solutions for all situations.

Home Office and Professional Office

We design and bujld custom-made offices and office storage, such as file cabinets, supply closets, computer desks, even entire professional offices, complete with lunch areas.

Living Room, Den, Entertainment Center

We build complete custom-made solutions for all public spaces in your home, including bookcases, TV cabinets, media storage, and more.

Pantry, Laundry, Mud room, Utility Closet

Efficient and cost-effective pantries, storage closets and hampers, ironing boards and layout tops are just some of the options. Elegant mud room wardrobes keep kids’ gear out of sight.

Planning Ahead Saves Space and Money

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling or outfitting an existing closet, planning ahead will allow you to not only use the space efficiently, but fit your wardrobe, your preferences, and your budget.

New Home in Narragansett

This waterfront home in Rhode Island has a multitude of different storage spaces, ranging from hall closets to the master bedroom and pantries.


Choose from a long list of accessories that will add functionality and improve the appearance of your closet or storage space.


Choose among many finishes and Materials