Closet Trends in 2015

The importance of closets continues to grow, and they now are one of the key considerations in new construction as well as remodeling. Please review this excerpt from a recent Angie’s List article: “Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2015”


Date Published: Nov 25 2014

by James Figy

Homeowners plan to go big in 2015, according to an Angie’s List survey of more than 1,000 highly rated remodeling professionals. And after years of being overlooked for showier rooms, the bathroom is poised to be the most popular remodeling project — though kitchens remain a focus, too.


A space for stuff

Homeowners still want to open up their living areas by removing walls, but now they want storage to eliminate clutter, as well.

Keeping rooms, usually located near or adjacent to the kitchen, serve as a multi-use space to store items, or relax on a sofa and snack, do homework or watch television.

While the name for these rooms originated in colonial times, the concept is still new today. Though 49 percent of contractors say keeping rooms are in, 11 percent disagreed, and another 40 percent asked: “What’s a keeping room?”

Consumers wanlarge closet trends for walk in closetst bigger, more organized closets.

Contractors raised no questions about the continued popularity of closets, on the other hand: 89 percent agreed that homeowners want bigger, better closets.

Cohen says consumers buy more clothes now, and since most want a master suite, they add a walk-in closet — oftentimes one per spouse. “For new homes and homes that are going to be remodeled, that’s going to be the trend,” he says.