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How Much Can My Closet Really Hold?

This closet originally had just a rod and shelf … and was filled with 7 storage bins of hand-me-down baby clothes! After the re-design, there is so much more hanging space (6 feet vs. 4.5 feet), and so much shelving space that the clothes from all 7 bins have been emptied and organized on the [...]

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Recent examples of master closets, mudroom and butler’s pantry

Some recent examples of closets, mudroom and butler's pantry We have added a number of very exciting installations  in the past few months. Here are some examples.  The first images are of a large master walk-in closet executed in solid wood.  It features fluted oillars, floor-to ceiling storage, large shelving units with doors, granite countertops, [...]

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Why do I want a custom closet?

A custom-designed storage system will maximize the space in your closet and optimize its use. By incorporating the right units, you can organize all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories so that everything has its proper place. No more standing on your head looking for shoes, pressing clothing that has been crushed or digging through drawers [...]

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Remodeling? Save space and money

Are you remodeling your home?  The correctly-sized closet can add space, increase your options for storing anything, and save you money.  For example, that spacious new reach-in closet design has a depth of 30 inches.  Well, you will have wasted half a foot of valuable space if you proceed.  The closet does not have to be any [...]

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