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Accessories That Make Life Easier

“Would you like to add a valet rod?”

“Ummmm, sure…. Hold on a minute! What exactly is a valet rod???”

When we are in the midst of helping a customer design their closet, we will ask them if they would like to add any of the accessories that we offer to their space. From valet rods to belt racks to convenient hidden hampers and ironing boards and jewelry drawers, these accessories are not only stylish, but add another layer of functionality to your closet. Too many times we are given “additional” options when making purchases they are nothing more than “add ons”; however, our accessories do not fall under that category, and our customers quickly see that they really do add to the space by providing more organization and ease. Nothing makes the morning hustle easier than waking up to your outfit already hanging on your valet rod ready to go! So, when we ask if you’d like to add any accessories, make sure to check them all out and see which ones might make your life just a bit easier!